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SharePoint Fest 2015

(Brushes dust off blog.)

Hello everyone! Wow...it's been a while. The last time I blogged, Donald Trump was only a billionaire reality TV host. During my two year hiatus from scribbling, I've gotten married and an on my third address. I've also been busy building exeloncorp.com for the last year and a half or so. While a lot has changed in my personal life, professionally and programmatically, I'm still the same dude; only two years wiser and two years less obnoxious (hopefully).

I recent spoke at SharePoint Fest, discussing "Transitioning Full Trust Code to Client APIs." A few people asked me to post my deck, and so I figured this was a pretty good way to do so while reactivating my blog.

The gist of my spiel was to voice the paradigm shift Microsoft has ushered in for SharePoint 2013 developers: stop writing full trust code in favor of leveraging the client APIs. Not only does this make our deployments easier (no more IISRESETs) and our codebase more lightweight and versatile, but also it allows us to reimagine SharePoint architectures in way that makes them to act more like modern websites and take advantage of cutting edge technologies.

So check out my slides, and feel free to hit me up with any questions about how to make your custom SharePoint solution more elegant. And look for more nuggets from me this coming year!

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