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Taking The Bull By The (Codename) Longhorns

It's been a while since my last post, and there's good reason for it: I've begun research for an article that will overview Windows Server Codename Longhorn's IIS 7 and its role in setting up a web farm. So stay tuned for that in the upcoming weeks.

But well I'm here (and waiting for my Longhorn VM to decide if it feels like working today), I thought I'd share a small (but annoying) Longhornism I've come across. Now I'm sure that the good people at Microsoft haven't been instructed to fully investigate the use case of installing Longhorn on a laptop, so it's not THAT big of a deal, but I ran into an issue trying to get wireless to work.

First of all, the reason I ever even considered using lappy to run a beta server OS is to have the ability to quickly test different hardware setups. Since web farming prefers having two network adaptors, I was hoping to use the built-in Ethernet card for the main connection, and an easily pull-out-able PCMCIA wireless card to test multi-nic configurations.

But nooooo-ooooo. When I used the new network setup wizard and selected a wireless connection, the error message I received simply indicated that no wireless networks were found. And being as though I was a mere four and-a-half feet away from my router, and I knew my card was functional (AND the drivers installed just fine; that didn't even happen on this machine back in its Windows Server 2003 R2 days!), something was amiss. And after futzing around with rebooting and power-cycling for a half hour, I was becoming quite a disgruntled web farmer.

But the solution is quick and easy. All you have to do is install the Wireless LAN feature! Just go into the Server Manager, and under Features, click "Add Feature." Select "Wireless LAN Service" in the tree, and let the wizard do its thing. When it's done, wireless functionality will work just as advertised.

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