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I'm Back!

I'm back...

Most of the people I know will agree with me when I say that 2009 was a period of stagnation, reservation, and sacrifice. My best friend was forced to apply his new master's degree in architecture to busing tables. Another friend's company first cut his bonus, then their holiday party, and most recently his tuition reimbursement benefit - which was the very reason he signed on with them in the first place.

And my company suffered.

And then was bought out.

And finally suffered its last breath and quietly went out of existence.

I am extremely fortunate that the woes of 2009 affected me as little as they did. I've finally found a new home at Rightpoint as a SharePoint architect after the dust settled from the collapse of my previous employer. And after almost a year and a half of scanning and paper work, rifling through spam from banks, lenders, and lawyers, and calculating halves of percentage points of loan packages, I've finally been able to ReFi my mortgage!

As 2010 draws near, I am feeling more and more of a sense of renewal. It almost seems like a micro-Renaissance is on the horizon. 2009 was like a pair of old rusty shackles imprisoning my ambition and attitude. I've been religiously only working 40 hour weeks. I've been watching too much TV. And worst of all, I haven't been writing!

Well that all changes now. And I mean right now as I write this post; I can't wait until 2010 officially hits my calendar. As I settle into my new architectural role, I plan to dig deeper into technology than ever before. I cancelled my DirectTV subscription. I've even quit smoking (for the most part).

And I've finally finished a custom Word add-in that allows me to publish to my new blog engine. With this also came implementing ReCaptcha on my blog to prevent all the spam robots from shitting all over everything like Chicago pigeons. There were so many comments on my blog that I even had to write a comment deleter. (And it just so happened that most of the comments were ads for Valium, Ambien, Cialis, and Viagra - implying that my readers are impotent insomniacs - which I'm sure is not the case!)

I also installed an Email alert system that will allow me to respond to comments. In my blog's months of dormancy, I'm sure I've lost most of the following I've had in the past. But that's okay, as I feel 2010 is a new beginning anyway. I used to word "micro-Renaissance" earlier - and meant it. I mean 2010 to be a rebirth of the passion I have for simply building beautiful software. So as I come at you with more compelling content, I'll be able to keep up with any feedback thereabout.

So here's to 2010! I hope it meets everyone with the same sense of renewal that I'm hoping for!

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