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I'm Now Considered A SharePoint 2010 Subject Matter Expert

I was recently asked to go to Redmond to consult on SharePoint 2010. I know that is a very obscure sentence, but being as though I am under a hefty Microsoft NDA, I basically cannot go into further detail. But what I can tell you is that I am now officially considered a SharePoint 2010 Subject Matter Expect!

I had a similar honor with SharePoint 2007. However, I was named a SharePoint 2007 SME not even two years ago - well into the lifetime of the product. 2010 is still (very much so) in beta, so it's extra cool to have already carried out my SME duties this early in development. I got to meet some of the people charged with bringing 2010 home, and lend them what advice and experience I could.

So I just wanted to share that with everyone. As I ramp back up on my blogging, I'm going to try to do as much with new technology as I can - predominantly SharePoint 2010. And from what I've seen and played with so far, there's a lot to explore. Unfortunately, since the new tooling and features are so powerful, there might not be too much to tell! I hope Microsoft left some things out, so that we'll have at least something to build (or at least hack) on our own!

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