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The Hybrid Provider 2.0 - Some Sweet Updates

After seeing all of the amazing technologies at PDC that are coming out from Microsoft, I've decided to fly though all of the side projects on my plate so I can start playing! This includes a round of updates I've been meaning to make to the Hybrid Provider 2.0. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Automatic provisioning of the "HybridProvider_ResetPassword" stored procedure on installation.  Read more about that and the other Hybrid Provider Power Tools here.
  • Added a button on the installer that launches the aspnet_regsql database provisioning tool, so that EVERYTHING you need to install the Hybrid Provider from scratch is all in one place.
  • Catalyst.SharePoint.ActiveDirectory.  I've moved all AD code into one assembly, which should make referencing AD code much less messy.
  • Made better use of build events in Visual Studio.  Projects in the solution used to redirect their output to the "Installation Files" folder in the HybridProviderInstaller project.  I moved this redirection back to the respective bin folder, and added build events to copy the project output (DLLs, ASPXs, ASCXs, etc.) to the installer's folder.  This should make development and release builds seamless.
  • Fixed the code in several places to remove hard-coded "http" strings so that enabling SSL on your SharePoint environment will work seamlessly with the Hybrid Provider.
  • Added a lot more error logging (to the event log).
  • Other miscellaneous optimizations / minor bug fixes / housekeeping

Nothing very compelling, I know, but I figured it was worth a mention in case anyone who has downloaded the code ran into any issues that these updates might fix. Also, a quick FYI: if AD users are getting in and SQL users are not, and there's no error reported anywhere, make sure that the "HybridProvider_ApplicationName" setting in your web.config file matches the name of your application in the SQL database (should be the only row in the "aspnet_applications" table - you'll see what I mean; it might have defaulted to "/" instead of the name of the web app).

The code has been uploaded to my CodePlex project site, under the latest release. The easiest upgrade path is to download the latest installer, and use it to uninstall then reinstall the Hybrid Provider.

Have fun!

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